My Coffee Story

H Proper Coffee Roasters was created as my passion project. You are guaranteed that everything, from the coffee to the items offered, are things I would personally consume. Nothing is compromised. Each green bean variety is sourced from the origin and are specialty grade.

Roasting is something I take pride in, backed by roasters with years of experience. With my journey so far as a coffee “enthusiast”, you will only need 2 things to enjoy that cup of coffee, the GCB (Green Coffee Beans) and the roasting.  And we have made sure that each coffee bag purchased from us, we have these 2 bases covered. So, when you brew your coffee beans at home, you will have the best coffee in the world on your table every morning. Yes... in the world.

Thank you for trying if it is your first time buying our coffee. If you are one of our loyal customers, we assure you that your journey with us will be a long and exciting one, filled with new tasting notes to explore.