Rocket Espresso Boxer 2 Group

₱295,000.00 PHP Sale Save
Rocket Espresso Boxer 2 Group

Rocket Espresso Boxer 2 Group

₱295,000.00 PHP Sale Save

The ROCKET BOXER embodies industrial efficiency, featuring stainless steel brushed panels and an impressive 13.5-liter boiler, emphasizing the importance of coffee quality.

As a modern classic, the BOXER enhances vintage espresso machine design with numerous time-saving features. It includes volumetric controls, shot timers, insulated steam wands for beginners, and an automatic backflush programmer, offering baristas everything required in a high-quality Italian espresso machine.

The substantial heat exchanger at its core may accumulate super-heated water in the boiler when idle for some time. However, we view this as an opportunity to flush the group head and demonstrate expertise amid the dense, steamy atmosphere.


    A 5kVa AVR is recommended

    Why the need for an AVR? READ HERE


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    The Rocket Espresso Appartamento Serie Nera is an espresso machine equipped with a heat exchanger system and a traditional E61 group. These two features work together to provide superior temperature stability and immediate performance, surpassing the capabilities of a single-boiler machine. With its 1.8 L HX copper boiler, it delivers ample steam power, allowing you to simultaneously brew espresso and steam milk. This convenience proves invaluable when preparing consecutive lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos for guests or family.

    The machine's steam wand incorporates Rocket Espresso's patented Cool-Touch technology, reducing heat transfer to the stainless steel surface of the wand. This design enhances safety and ease of use and results in less scalded milk residue on the wand compared to similar machines. Additionally, a steam pressure gauge, located behind the brew lever, enables you to monitor steam pressure, with the optimal range indicated by a green area between 1 and 1.5 bar. On the opposite side of the steam wand, you'll find the hot water wand, perfect for adding hot water to your cup for Americanos, hot chocolate, or infusions.

    The Appartamento Serie Nera comes complete with a commercial-style 58 mm double-spouted portafilter, a single-spouted portafilter, a blind filter basket for backflushing, and a high-quality metal tamper.


    • Heat exchanger boiler design

    • Boiler capacity: 1.80 liters

    • 1.8 liter water reservoir

    • Wattage: 1350 W

    technical specifications

    PID Pressure Control

    Shot Timer

    Total Boiler Capacity (liters)

    Hard Plumbing


    220-240V; 50/60 Hz; 1350W

    Height (mm)

    Width (mm)

    Depth (mm)

    Weight (kg)